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Kollect is a technology company engaged in waste disposal services. 

The Company provide solutions divided within two separate, but related, business areas: waste collection and waste drop-off. Within the waste collection segment, the Company facilitates services through its online platform. Services include domestic waste collection, commercial waste collection, container (or skip) hire and removal of items such as furniture, mattresses and other large objects.  

Within the waste drop-off segment, the Company provides large, smart compactor bin, called the BIGbin, installed at different convenient locations throughout Ireland. The BIGbin allows for disposal of recycled, organic and general domestic waste and serves as an alternative to long-term waste contracts for collection. Incorporated in December 2015, the founders identified two major issues within the waste disposal industry: 

(i) finding trusted, vetted and licensed contractors to collect different waste streams was difficult; and 

(ii) current systems were highly inefficient with fixed routes and collection dates. Realising customers’ limitations and lack of innovation taking place within the waste collection industry, the Company initiated operations in Ireland with the intention of transforming that industry. The Company’s revenue since its incorporation has grown continuously, along with its customer base. In 2018, the Company’s revenue amounted to approximately EUR 2.3 million.  

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